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7 days replacement warranty, within one year, full maintenance.
Consumers in the product fails, the test of the warranty card and purchase bills to the local designated service centers can enjoy the following services:

7 days OZ: 7 days (date) to the date of purchase bills and warranty card from the date of sale, under normal use, product quality problems, consumers can choose to replace the new or repair. Consumer requests for replacement of the other products should be the same model specifications for rework products; when to stop production as the product of the model with the specifications, the exchange of not less than the original product performance brand products.

One-year warranty: the date of sale within one year under normal use, product quality problems, then enjoy the free maintenance service.

Genius: whether consumers purchase our products at any authorized retail stores throughout the country, nearby when the product fails to hold in the country seat of the warranty card and purchase tickets to a local authorized service center to enjoy the after-sales service.

The whole maintenance: Division I Service Commissioner will be the consumer tracking service where consumers buy the product, answer questions, troubleshoot, and provide all possible technical support; such as problems, not self-excluded customers, please state the cause of the malfunction. together with the defective product to send back to Division I, we will be in accordance with the relevant maintenance terms, responsible for solving.

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