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Join conditions:
A. A deeper understanding of the industry, with more than 1 year of experience in marketing products, good reputation in the market;
Two. Confidence in the prospects for the industry and business ability, good communication, good business partners;
3. Quality level of service, the industry enjoyed a good reputation and history;
4. Cooperative extension of the product identity, and to conscientiously implement the extension of the marketing strategies and keep pace;
5 Billiton special products and markets with a high degree of loyalty and sense of responsibility, a positive and serious attitude to open up and operation of the market;
6. Sound management system, configured with a reasonable and efficient professional sales and technical support team.


Join the process:
A. By the Billiton special web site or call directly Bao Li Sheng agent to apply and fill out the agent and the application form;
Two. By fax or E-mail agent cooperation application form submitted to the Company;
3. Company to verify the proxy application data;
4. Billiton special agency conditions, the company will send channels Commissioner, in contact with you, and site visits to discuss and negotiate partnerships;
5 has confirmed through the audit, you will sign an agency co-operation agreement, and payment of the authorized dealer certificate.

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